Sunday, July 27, 2008

War, Children, It's Just A Shot (or a centrifuge) Away

With the today's announcement by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Iran now has in it's possession twice the number of centrifuges needed to enrich weapons-grade nuclear material, can it be made any clearer we are headed towards world war?

Israel cannot allow Iran, it's sworn enemy, to go nuclear. One nuclear-tipped missile would devastate Israel. Iran's president has not been bashful about his intention to "wipe Israel off the map", a point that has been symbolically underscored with Israel's latest "exchange" with Hizbollah, a Lebanese terror organization supported by Iran. The exchange of live terrorists for the dead bodies of Israeli soldiers sends a clear message. It has also likely ensured the re-emergence of the no-nonsense Benjamin Netanyahu as Israeli president. Ben has seen this movie before. He won't repeat the mistakes of Olhmert. He will be pro-active.

The United States stake in this is also huge. A nuclear strike against Israel will likely be accompanied by a strike against the U S in Iraq also.

Due to our dependence on oil imports, prices here and worldwide will skyrocket due to shipping disruption and market instability. Don't believe for two seconds Ahmadinejad doesn't know this. He wants Israel to attack. The ensuing fallout will turn the world on Israel and any ally they might have.

Ahmadinejad's back is against the wall. His oil reserves are dwindling. He faces civil unrest from within and is bordered on two fronts by United States forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nuclear weapons are his last ace-in-the-hole. His actions of late show he won't hesitate to play it.

God help us.

(Update 07/27/08) House Representative Frank Pallone, Jr. was interviewed on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning and was spouting that unbelievably irresponsible line about tapping the Strategic Oil Reserve to lower prices at the pump.

What idiots. With the current events in the Middle East, how can one be this stupid? This reserve was created to address just the kind of crisis that's staring us in the face. By presenting this "plan" Congressional Democrats admit our current petroleum situation is a supply-and-demand issue. Yet they'll throw anything against the wall to deflect attention from what really needs to be done, drill. Drill here. Drill now. Drill everywhere there's oil. Just talking about it's forced the Saudi's to pump more and prices are down.

Yeah. Let's blow our rainy day fund for a little temporary relief.

Again, God help us.

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