Tuesday, July 29, 2008


They just experienced a 5.4 earthquake in Southern California. No damage. Lots of small aftershocks. Reports of pictures off walls and shaken nerves but not much else.
The epicenter is being reported as Chino Hills, just south of Pomona. This is really just an amusement park ride for these guys.

Let's pray that this is the worst of this episode.

Being from the Birmingham, AL area I've experienced two minor temblors here. The first was around '72 or '73. I was up late watching Carson (in those days the Tonight Show was thought of as very risque in these parts and the Birmingham NBC affliate delayed it until 11:30 to make sure all the Baptists were in bed) and around 11:20 pm the pictures and dishes started rattling. Lasted about 15 seconds. Can't remember when the second one was but do remember riding to work, listening to the radio coverage of it. Both were around 3 on the Richter. I've been told there's a small fault line somewhere north of B'ham.

Was also in another while working in New Hampshire. Laid up in a motel in Gorham around 8:00 one night and the bed started shaking. (Stop it!) This was in November of 1988. It was a small shaker epicentered in Montreal, Canada. I told everyone it was a quake and they all laughed until they saw the news the next morning.

There are several places around the world famous (or infamous?) for quakes but they really happen in a lot of places not known for earthquakes.

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