Sunday, July 20, 2008

Secret Secret

Disgraced and disbarred former NBA ref Tim Donaghy has a secret. Question is, how long will he keep it?

Donaghy has admitted to betting on NBA games and feeding information about those games to gamblers. Yes, Donaghy likes to talk. A lot. Fox News recently reported that in the time period Donaghy confessed to betting on and passing info on NBA games (Oct '06 thru April '07) he also called colleague Scott Foster 134 times. One must hope Donaghy listened to Barkley and had Foster in his T-Mobile myFave plan.

NBA Comissioner David Stern calls Donaghy a "rogue, isolated criminal". Of course, he has to call him that.

Mr. Stern has had a lot on his plate since the retirement of Micheal Jordan. The superstar standard-bearer left huge shoes to fill. Who to do that?

Allen Iverson? With his thuggish off-court activities and gunplay he certainly wasn't the answer.

Shaquille O'Neal? There was certainly a lot of effort put into grooming him to replace MJ but something was missing.

Kobe Bryant? One fateful late night episode with a SWC (stupid white chick) took care of Kobe.

So with the thug culture infesting the "Association" along with the void left by Jordan, Stern's been a busy man. Now this. This is Stern's greatest challenge. The perception that the league's officials are on the take would destroy the NBA's credibility. All of David Stern's hard work since the retirement of Micheal Jordan gone.

And don't believe for one second that Tim Donaghy and his lawyers don't know that. Stern started out demanding 1.4 million dollars in restitution. They're now down to under $500,000. In the end I'll be surprised if he pays anything or does any hard time.

Because Tim Donaghy's got a secret. 134 (or more) of them.

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