Sunday, July 27, 2008

NASCAR In Decline

I sit here listening to the post-race excuses. All the drivers and all the crew chiefs and all the owners are in line.

This was the best we could do.

Well, I'm sorry. This is INDIANAPOLIS YOU GOMERS! That bullshit doesn't feed the bulldog. NASCAR owes every fan who showed up for that bullshit today a refund. And not just the ticket price either. Fans spend big money to get there. They spend big money to get in. Save the excuses about the COT. The track. The tires.

Message to Robin Pemberton: This is YOUR stupid car. You KNEW something was wrong. If one of the teams screwed up this bad, you'd fine them into oblivion. YOU shipped in tires from Pocono anticipating problems.

Keep it up, big boy. Lots of the old line NASCAR fans have already seen enough.

Save the excuses. How about an apology?

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