Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Super Bowl

While I don't have a dog in the hunt and one has to feel for the New Orleans Saints considering their franchise history of mediocrity, (and that's being nice) I'm pulling for the Colts today for one reason:

Week fourteen the Colts are playing the Jets. Not only do the Colts have a playoff spot locked up, they've got homefield advantage throughout. First year head coach Jim Caldwell pulls key starters in the second half and the Jets win the game sacrificing a shot at a undefeated season for Indy to the consternation of the mainstream sports media.

(1.) If it were his predecessor, Tony Dungy, who had done this he would have been praised for the foresight to rest his stars for the playoffs.

(2.) Had Peyton Manning been taken out with a season-ending knee injury in the second half of that game, Caldwell would have been ripped to shreds for leaving him in by the same idiots ripping him for taking him out.

For that reason alone, go Colts.

(I'm currently listening to "Queen Latifah" sing America the Beautiful. Frankly, she sucks, Carrie Underwood couldn't carry a note in a bucket singing the National Anthem. Does anyone listen to these people sing beforehand??? Did we lose Sara Evans number???)

(and the who at the half. i hope townshend understands how embarassing he looked. hang it up, bud)

(and to the alabama strength coach, you can keep your shot, bud. roll tide anyway)

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