Friday, February 5, 2010

O'Reilly v. Stewart

Towards the end of the first segment, Stewart assumes a classic liberal stance in his discussion with Bill concerning FNC.

From the beginning Stewart parrots typical Democrat thinking in his determination that Fox is the media arm for the Republican Party. He argues that the "fair and balanced" description Fox uses to promote itself is disingenuous and misleading to it's viewers.

Bill counters that there's a difference between the hard news reported on Fox and the opinion shows like his, Sean Hannity's, Greta Van Susteren, Glen Beck and (gag) Geraldo Rivera.

O'Reilly compared FNC to a newspaper, where you have "hard" news printed on certain pages and opinion on others.

This is where Jon Stewart falls into the typical liberal trap. He responded that FNC viewers weren't smart enough to tell the difference.

We're not bright enough to know that when Sheperd Smith signs off and The Factor comes on a news show just ended and an opinion show just started.

Now nevermind that everyday, in news outlets across the country, liberal opinion is passed off as hard news.

For example, this editorial was passed off as a news story by the AP and outed by the Sweetness and Light blog:

Nevermind that in the months before the start of the Iraq war, CNN based it's reporting operation in one of Saddam Hussein's golden palaces. How objective was the "hard" news coming out of that situation?

How objective could anything coming out of NBC or MSNBC in it's reporting of the '08 elections when NBC was owned by GE, who's CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, served as an advisor to the Obama campaign and now advises his administration? In fact, NBC was the biggest media cheerleader for the Obama camp. Who could forget this:

Objective indeed.

None other than Bill O'Reilly himself has made a career out of exposing the corrupt Immelt. He outed Immelt when he was dealing with Iran while our soldiers were dying fighting terrorists in Iraq using Iranian weapons. That aforementioned cheerleading done by NBC??? All to curry favor for Immelt and GE for the "green" industry about to be foisted on (and subsidized by) the unsuspecting taxpayers. Immelt has run GE into the ground and has to have the favor of the Obama administration in future deals to save his hide.

All of this going on over Mr. Stewart's shoulder and he's worried about what FNC viewers might think???

Or that one network, one media outlet might favor conservative thought processes in it's opinion shows.

Really Jon.

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