Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Daytona 500 2010 Edition

Nascar is once again ushered in to it's new season with it's "Super Bowl" event, the Daytona 500. Lots of changes for the 2010 edition to placate the old guard in the fan base and prop up it's sagging ratings.

Most races will start at noon, central time. Lately, from week to week, no one could keep up with when a race starts. Aging baby-boomers, such as myself, often fell asleep and didn't get to see the finish of late starting races.

In response to the economic downturn, ticket prices have been reduced to get more butts in seats.

Drivers are going to get much more freedom to drive on the track. No penalties for bump drafting and the like.

There was mucho rumero of changes to the restrictor plates and the dastardly wing but I didn't see any speeds over 190 or so and the wing was still in place.

As advertised, the race started at noon. But due to a track issue, there was over two hours of red flag. The track problem can best be described this way:

Nascar just can't catch a break. A pothole develops in the track during the race. One red flag to "fix" it, (patch patrol) another to fix it again when the first fix comes apart. Combined almost two and one half hours of red flag. Fans, cold and disgusted, leave. Let the channel surfing begin.

Drivers make jokes, (Dale Jr. said put a cone on it and let's race) Nascar makes excuses.

Nascar's starting to look snake bit.

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