Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A while back one of my buddies over at the Alabama Basketball Blog posted this about:

Stupid Inventions
I assume the readers of this blogs (thanks for the support BTW) are too smart to buy this:

(check out the old guy shivering without his snuggie bottom/left)

If you bought one I am embarrassed for you. Let me get this straight... a blanket with sleeves? Why not wear a sweater in the house if you're cold. Or here's an idea... turn the heat up. This might be the dumbest invention ever to hit the airwaves since the Flowbee. If you're too young to remember the Flowbee, google is your friend.

Posted by bobbyjack at 4:25 PM

Naturally, being red blooded American men:

We all had a little fun with it:

Mitchell said...
Hahaha. The Snuggie is horrible. Who in their right mind would buy that atrocity?

My favorite bit in the commercial is when the douchebags are at the football game cheering while wearing their Snuggies. The people around them are like, "what the hell is that?"

My old lady and I refer to the old cat sitting in the chair reading the paper as Emperor Palpatine. The Snuggie: Chosen by Sith Lords for centuries!

Your's truly chimes in: (tongue firmly planted in cheek)

finebammer said...
my job's on the line,

my 401k's toast,

and now you want to take my snuggie?!?!?!?

oh, the insensitivity of it all!!!!

what's next??? my 'listen up'??

my enzyte???

(and by the way, the red snuggie with the brown couch just ain't workin' for me, you know?)

and finally:

bobbyjack said...
One last comment about the snuggie... you know those things would sell like hotcakes if they were licensed by the NCAA. Imagine a row of Bockrath Elephant, snuggie wearing fools in your section. Joy!

the man is a prophet, I tell you. An entrepreneurial genius!

Busted! The man-card suspended indefinitely!

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