Friday, January 15, 2010

Vegas To Pasadena

The gameday van. I purchased this unit summer '08 after gas prices went thru the roof and everyone was dumping their "clunkers" for new econo-box deathtraps and new car payments. (in a case of cruel irony, the bottom fell out of the economy just a few short months later and many with those new payments were on the street looking for a job) I paid cash $2800. This unit was a garage-kept piece with 72,000 actual miles. Beautiful interior and an undercarriage one could almost eat off of. Rides and drives like a Caddy. 350 four bolt main. Again, as my wife has a significant fear of flying, this unit provided us with comfortable transportation to the game and a chance at a great tailgating experience at the game.

There are no pictures that can justify these mountains between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Certainly mine far woefully short.

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