Saturday, January 9, 2010


After the snow in Arky and my dead battery blunder, things have gone smooth. Cold as hell in Oklahoma. In northern Texas we were surprised at the lack of recognition for the Longhorns. No flags. No bumper stickers. Texas is a BIG place. Austin is a LONG way from Amarillo.

I must insert the obligatory George Strait video here:

(I've heard Strait won't appear on stage with others due to his insecurity about his height. Never seen him in concert so it's just a rumor)

Lots of windmills in Oklahoma and New Mexico.

T. Boone must be proud although talking with electrical generation techies in the past, windmill generated electricity is a long way from practical application.

One: the wind doesn't blow all the time. When the wind doesn't blow, you must have the traditional generating capacity to supply the need. Power storage (batteries) technology to save the power generated by the mills for when the wind doesn't blow is decades away.

Two: Parts. These windmills are apparently incredibly expensive. According to those I've talked to, so are repair parts.

We saw a small percentage of the windmills inoperable. Makes one wonder.

T. Boone has also been a big promoter of power generated by CNG. (compressed natural gas) As there is plenty of the stuff domestically and the technology is way more current it seems to be the more practical alternative at the moment.

On to Albuquerque. More later.

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