Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Hoover Dam

Susie at the dam.

The dam bypass. Currently the dam is part of Highway 93 running from Kingsman, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. Tourist travel slows traffic across the dam to a crawl and I would imagine infuriates the locals having to travel 93. (I know it would me) To me, the bridge construction is as fascinating as the dam itself. I was disappointed with the photos as I could not get the afternoon sun behind me. The bridge is being built with two trolley cranes suspended on cables spanning the gorge. These cranes are operated by remote control. The bridge members are pre-cast concrete. The construction workers are hundreds of feet above the river downstream from the dam. I can't imagine a better view from a corner office.

A memorial to those who died building the dam. A different era for safety.

A floor display featuring the positions of the moon, the planets and the stars on the night of the dam's dedication. Cool.

On to Las Vegas.

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