Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmmmmmm"

In all this fracas about threats to Congressional Democrats after the Obama health care rape job, it's important to look back at the actions and threats during protests against Bush 43. (be sure and scroll down to see all the pictures. it's really quite enlightening)

And what's currently going on unnoticed by even most conservatives is the money being raised by Democrats in response to these supposed threats.

If the threats are as egregious as the liberals in the media would have you to believe, why are the campaign coffers of Democrats profiting from this???

We here at Katelyn's Way believe ANY threat against ANY politico is a serious matter. Too serious to be used as an opportunity to profit from a threat. We call on any politician whose campaign chest has benefited from an increase in donations due to the supposed threats to return the money.

That is if you're serious about your convictions.

(which we don't believe you are)

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