Monday, March 8, 2010


We here at Katelyn's Way were really pulling for J. D. Hayworth to take the Republican nomination for the Arizona U. S. Senate seat John McCain currently holds. No love lost here for McCain. Recently Hayworth's campaign ran an online ad featuring this picture of McCain in an obvious Avatar spoof:

The thin-skinned McCain and his camp responded:

“Ex-Congressman J.D. Hayworth should immediately apologize and and take down his latest online ad, which is an outrageous offense to John McCain’s lifetime of honorable service to our state and nation, and insulting to Native Americans here in Arizona and across America," said Shiree Verdone, McCain's campaign manager. "Mr. Hayworth is welcome to debate the challenges facing our state and nation, but this kind of character assassination has no place in the Republican Party, and Mr. Hayworth should ashamed of his campaign for running it.”

Then the equally insecure Hayworth camp responded by pulling down the original picture and replacing it with this:

This friends, is what's wrong with the Republican Party. There was nothing racist about the original picture. But somebody said it and got the Hayworth team "crawdaddin".


It begs the question: If you'll back down from such a childish, playground popgun, what will you do in D. C. when the Democrats come at you with the big guns?


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