Monday, February 11, 2008


Kinda late to the blogging game but here we go.

As a conservative Republican, I'm definitely concerned with the direction of the GOP with the impending nomination of John McCain. My personal view of the man is that he got his panties tightened up over losing the Republican nomination to W in 2000 and has been on an obstructionist path to the will of the administration and congressional Republicans for the last seven years. Much has been made of his speech at CPAC last week in a supposed attempt at "reaching out" to the conservative wing of the party. Two things going on here:

(1.) If the truth was known, I doubt it was McCain's idea to make an appearance there. (I would remind you that he skipped CPAC last year) I personally think McCain could care less what conservatives think or want but his campaign manager probably dragged him in there. (The same guy that planted all the McCain ops in the audience to limit the booing)

(2.) Speculation swirls about the direction McCain will go coming out of CPAC. Will he try and rally the base? Who will he choose as a running mate? What will that mean to the base?

McCain has likely said all he's going to substantively to rally the base. Yeah, you'll hear a clip here and there to make it look good but, again, I don't think he really cares about conservatives.

His strategy from here? McCain can't win without liberal Repubs, (RINOS) independents (mushheads) and conservative democrats. He'll choose a running mate to appeal to these blocs. As we close in on November, he's counting on the prospect of liberal Democrat in the White House with the backing of a democrat Congress being so repugnant to conservatives that they'll hold their noses, betray their principles and vote for him anyway. And let's face facts. Nothing is more nauseating to conservatives than the idea of Bubba in the White House again. I laughed to the point of projectile vomiting at the video clip of a reporter asking Hillary about her husband's role should she win the Presidency. She immediately feigned a coughing jag that a four year old could recognize. Hilarious. And typical of a Clinton. Tears on cue, that cackling laugh, etc. (democrats gave Reagan grief about being an actor! At least he was a "B" movie actor!)

I have a close friend and confidant who says it's my duty as a conservative to march to the polls, swallow my pride, forsake my principles and lend my support to John McCain. The prospect of government-run healthcare truly scares the hell out of me, to be honest. Ditto, Fairness Doctrine.

ANWAR. Border security. Gang of 14. McCain/Feingold. McCain/Kennedy. McCain/Leiberman.Class warfare rhetoric. Global warming claptrap. Fairness doctrine. Seven years of obstructionism motivated by nothing more than spite.

In the end, do I sacrifice my principles for my party? Do I spit or swallow?

Damn dangerous time in the history of our nation to be contemplating such a thought.

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