Monday, February 18, 2008

Refinery blast.............

Just heard the news about a refinery blast in Big Spring, Texas. No one killed. And if you look at the photos of the mushroom-style blast cloud, (eerily reminding one of a nuclear blast cloud) that is a miracle.

While I'm certainly not a fan of using disasters and tragedies to make points, one must wonder when we are going to get serious about building new refineries to handle our ever increasing need for petroleum. I shake my head when I see advertisements for oil companies trying to convince us they're working on alternative sources of energy. The fact is we're years (many years) away from having a practical alternative to oil. I have no problem with the concept of conservation. Ditto research of alternative fuels. But if you want to sell me gasoline, quit telling me how much money you're blowing on windmills and start telling me what you're doing to tap domestic sources of oil and what you're doing to get it to the market. We've got to come to the very clear understanding that oil and coal are our number one sources of energy. And that isn't going to change likely in most of our lifetimes.

We're constantly hearing the class warfare rhetoric from the left about doing one's fair share when it comes to taxes. But why is it we can pump oil and natural gas from the coast of Alabama, Louisiana and Texas but not areas where there are known oil reserves like the west coast of Florida? California? The snow-covered desert of ANWAR??? Who's not doing their fair share??? In a time of war???

In the meantime, 5 dollar a gallon gas, anyone??

(update, 12/21/08. the price of a barrel of oil hit 101 bucks a gallon yesterday. thanx to our humble correspondent, ben dover)

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