Monday, February 11, 2008

The Fair Tax

Just saw Neil Boortz on Hannity and Colmes. Great show, by the way. Neil has been a big proponent of the Fair Tax for some time and has written two books on the subject. Neither of which I've read, by the way.

Why? I think a consumption tax in place of our present system a good idea. Abolish the IRS. Who isn't for that? Government, that's who.

Rush Limbaugh said it years ago and it isn't any less true today. Our money is their (Washington's) power. Think they're going to give that up without a fight?? Plus, the kicker is, it puts them on the hook to keep the economy going.

So, let's review: Enacting a consumption tax........

(1.) messes up their convoluted (deliberately) system.

(2.) Foists real responsibility on their backs.

(3.) Brings sunshine to the system.

And now the overriding question. If you favor enacting the Fair Tax, or some variation, to what extent are you willing to go to get it done?

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