Saturday, September 13, 2008

SEC Football Observations - 09/13/08

The Undercard: Alabama - Birmingham v. Tennessee.

SEC snitch Phil Fulmer needs a quarterback and in a hurry. Because judging by the booing in Knoxville today, there's a huge target now painted on his ample backside.
If UAB had a bigger player on the field today than UT running back Arian Foster, I didn't see him. But in a rare inspiring effort by a Neil Callaway coached team, the Blazers scored a moral victory today in losing to the Vols 35 - 3.

Speaking of paint, those Blazer green streaks on those white UT helmets clashed with the pumpkin orange power T. Translation: UAB was doing some hittin' out there.

The Main Event: Georgia v. South Carolina.

Is it really Georgia Bulldog football if Larry Munson isn't calling the game?

If you don't like watching Steve Spurrier, you just don't like good college football coaching. The guy's a genius.

The first quarter is typically marred by horrible officiating. The on-the-field play clock is malfunctioning and the officials are calling penalties they're having to pick up. Twice in the first quarter they announce to the audience time is being kept on the field. Ticky tack calls. Thank God for the instant replay.

Richt's horses, Stafford and Moreno, need better blocking.

Spurrier's developing a QB in Chris Smelley.

Carolina, driving in for a score, fumbles into the endzone, Georgia recovers. Georgia's running backs likely the difference in the game. (The Dogs have them, the Cocks don't)

It's late in the fourth quarter, Smelley's ripping up the UGA defense. (Alabama fans must hope someone on their staff is watching USC's tight end rip the Dog defense)

Spurrier's getting too cute, subbing quarterbacks.

Spurrier got too cute. Subbed in freshman receiver and ran the pass play to him. He ran the wrong route on fourth down. Ball game.

Not so fast my friend! Georgia's three and out. Spurrier's got the ball back. (no timeouts)

USC drives down, Smelley throws into double coverage, intercepted. Dogs escape, 14 - 7.

The Afterbirth: Auburn v. Mississippi State.

After one quarter, it's a punting contest. Advantage: Sylvester Croom and the Dogs. Auburn needs to work out the new offense and score. State wants to muck it up and wait for an Auburn miscue.

The kickers are getting a workout in this one. Auburn receives a Dog (literally) punt on it's own 40, drives the short field, stalls, kicks a field goal. Auburn three - State zip.

Auburn misses a field goal right before the half, Croom sits on ball to go into the half down by three.

It's an ugly, defensive game that favors MSU. While Croom can't be happy with his quarterback's play, he has to feel good about his position at the moment.

Third quarter. MSU misses an important field goal that would have tied the game. Chip shot at that.

Brad Lester is hurt in what looks like a neck injury. Let's pray he's OK.

Auburn looked as if it was inspired by the injury to Lester, aided by a penalty, drives down to the MSU 2, then is stood up by the Dogs.

Auburn misses another field goal attempt. That is gonna come back and bite them.

It's the fourth quarter. State punts. Auburn gets the ball on it's own fourty something and thanks to a couple of holding calls again stalls and has to punt. LSU's coming to town soon. If Auburn doesn't figure out a way to score soon, that top ten ranking isn't the only thing they're gonna lose.

It's getting uglier for Auburn. backed up inside their own five yard line, Auburn offensive lineman Ryan Pugh tackles a State defender in their own endzone. Safety. It's now 3 - 2 Auburn and they have to kick to the Dogs from their own twenty.

Croom screws the pooch. Misses a fourth down and short.

Tuberville gets a sideline penalty.

Auburn fumbles. Dogs recover.

ESPN is now recounting past AU - MSU baseball scores.

Croom screws pooch AGAIN! Fourth and long in his own territory and goes for it. Of course they didn't get it. Auburn takes over in supreme field position.

Auburn fumbles AGAIN! State recovers. Review in process.

MSU ball. Then they promptly throw an interception. IT'S under review.

Auburn ball.

Auburn runs out the clock and in a comedy of errors, Auburn wins. But did they really? That number 9 ranking is in the toilet. And LSU's around the corner.

And it can't go unsaid Sylvester Croom's piss poor calls at the end of this game. One could make the argument Croom gave that game away.

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