Saturday, September 13, 2008

Listening To Eli..........

As i flip between the Auburn - MSU game and Ohio State v. So. California, I'm listening to 'Bama drum Western Kentucky.

Since Kenny Stabler decided to take a year off of his broadcast duties to fight his latest DUI charge, Tom Roberts and a rotating sub have been doing the color. Last week Roger Schultz did OK.

This week they have Prince Wembley in the booth. He's awful. Wembley combined with Roberts are actually making Eli sound good.

Still, Eli's mis-calls an Alabama touchdown. Here's a tip Eli: if you're unsure of the play, wait for the official's signal.

In another blunder, he refers to freshman running back Mark Ingram during a running play as "Riddle", as in former Alabama running back Dennis Riddle.

(Update: Immediately after the Riddle mistake, Eli tryed to play it off on Wembley being in the booth, retro-ing back to Prince's playing days. Uh, Eli, By the time Dennis Riddle played, Wembley was long gone)

Then Eli's hawking products during the game. Tonite he runs through the menu at Wings. Roberts chimes in and asks about dessert!


To start the second half, Eli breathlessly proclaims that because 'Bama scored 31 points in the first half, all attendees to the game can present their ticket stubs at their nearest Advance Auto for a free gallon of windshield washer fluid. Long lines at the gas stations and the parts stores tomorrow!

Well, last week the football team took the night off. This week it's the broadcast team. While Barry Krauss is interviewing a long-winded Jerry Pate, the listeners miss two plays. Eli finally cuts in and when he goes back to Krauss and Pate later, they've taken a powder.

Somebody told me last week Alabama fans were "lucky" to have Eli Gold. That's going to require a little more explanation.

Oh, yeah. 'Bama wins big.

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