Monday, July 12, 2010

The Governors: The Handwriting. Immigration: The Wall.

The Obama administration had to have a distraction. They were (and still are) getting killed on the Gulf oil spill. Their ties to B P and the bungling of the response were driving the President's poll numbers into the tar-balled sand. The McChrystal gaffe and replacement could carry them only so far.

But illegal immigration???

A lawsuit against Arizona for trying to do what the American people overwhelmingly think should be done???

In an election year???

Democrats running for re-election get it. From the New York Times:

Published: July 11, 2010

BOSTON — "In a private meeting with White House officials this weekend, Democratic governors voiced deep anxiety about the Obama administration’s suit against Arizona’s new immigration law, worrying that it could cost a vulnerable Democratic Party in the fall elections."

If you've paid attention you know that we here at Katelyn's Way aren't big fans of John McCain. In our view it's too bad dear John didn't have a more competent opponent running against him this year in the Republican primary for the Arizona Senate seat.

But give McCain credit. When he, Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and the late Ted Kennedy were trying to ram a "comprehensive" immigration package down the American people's throats, McCain backed off in the face of a public uprising against him. "I get it", he told the American people.

Some in the Democrat party don't. Others do. Speaking after meeting with the White House:

“There are 535 members of Congress,” said Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana, a Democrat. “Certainly somebody back there can chew gum and hold the basketball at the same time."

Hold a basketball?!?!?! Yikes!

They're "listenin'" to ya Guv, but are they "hearin'" ya???

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