Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Search For A Basketball Coach

Since the "resignation" of Mark Gottfried as Alabama's head basketball coach, the typical rumor mill of possible replacements has achieved high RPM. It seems there are two camps in which the names of possible candidates fall: the legitimate and the hopelessly impossible.

Bobby Knight, Mike Anderson, Anthony Grant and others are some serious contenders for the position.

In the hopelessly unrealistic category fall the likes of John Calipari, Rick Barnes, Jim Boehiem, Roy Williams or any other top shelf coach currently working at a "basketball" school.

Another in the unrealistic category was thrown into the fray last week by Nick Taylor of the Tide Times blog last week: Tom Izzo of Michigan State.

Nick opined on his blog last week that Alabama athletic director Mal Moore had tendered an offer to Izzo to become Alabama's next basketball coach.

In the blind-squirrel-stumbles-on-a-relevant-opinion category, a February 15th column by Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News addresses the severe breach of protocol such an action by Moore would be.

Now, if there's a bigger dolt than Kevin Scarbinsky, it has to be Nick Taylor of the Tide Times.

During a recent call to Paul Finebaum's radio show, Nick was pushing his incredibly STUPID (and despite Nick's claims of "journalistic integrity and ethics") and UN-SOURCED (of course, that would probably be a selling point should Nick apply for a job at the New York Times!) story, he also claimed that the current coach at Oregon State is the brother-in-law of Michelle Obama and due to Nick's perceived "red state" mentality of the fan base he might not be looked on favorably by the search team.

And this idiot claims to be alum. (and that wouldn't surprise me)

Never mind the fact that the athletic dept. at the University has never given one whit what the rank-and-file Alabama basketball fan thinks or feels.

Nor did he give any statistical evidence of a majority political bent in the Alabama basketball fan base one way or another. Or that if there was, it would matter at all.

Since George Wallace's "stand at the schoolhouse door", (for which I will never forgive him) the University has bent over backwards to and made tremendous strides in improving minority participation.

Currently the minority makeup in the student body at the Capstone runs at around 25%.

Compare that to "that-school-down-the-road" (if there's anything good that came out of the Franchione regime, wasn't it that phrase??) where minorities are about 2% of the student body.

Recently at the university, a big-to-do was made over apologizing and recognizing the mistreatment and efforts of two slaves who worked at the school in the 1800's. Their graves were marked and a day was dedicated to the remembrance of their service. (and rightfully so)

Contrast that to Auburn, where in this century, this decade, on campus, frats posted pictures of themselves partying like it's 1899.

Pictures of some in black face, others with guns and ropes, pretending (or was it practicing?) to lynch blacks, were posted on the Internet.

When it went public, the school moved to expel the frats from the campus grounds by taking them to court. (as they should have) Feeling they were being singled out for special treatment, the frats hired attorneys to defend themselves.

In court, the lawyers for the frats in question appeared with 202 pictures of other frats and sororities (at least they're not sexist in their racism!) engaged in similar activities.

Auburn's legal representation immediately moved to settle the case and negotiate to seal away the pictures from the exposure of public disclosure.

Of course, what would you expect from the grounds of an old Confederate hospital???

Over in Oxford, Mississippi, one can still go to a football game on a fall afternoon and see a Confederate battle flag proudly waving in the stands.

But of course these comparisons are lost on Alabama graduate Nick Taylor.

He claimed to speak to Nick Saban regularly. But he can't figure out by listening to ole Saint Nick's public statements and sentiments he's a loyal Democrat who likely voted for Obama for president. (I say "likely" because I don't know that for a fact...... but considering his public comments on his time at Kent State, Martin Luther King, Jr. and his snubbing of a Republican president, I'd bet the house he did. )

He can't look around his alma mater and figure out it's now one of the biggest bastions of liberal thinking and philosophy in the South.

He can't see that every Democrat politician in this state of any consequence has a Capstone pedigree.

No, it's not enough for Nick Taylor to post outright fabrications about Mal Moore and Tom Izzo on his blog, he's got to call Paul's show and opine through the fine linen of his Klan hood.

While those who read this blog likely know my politics are a little to the right of Attila the Hun, I believe one thing Alabama basketball Democrats and Republicans can come together on is we need, no, we DESERVE a competent basketball coach regardless of his politics or connections. It's a "don't ask, don't tell" thing, I think most fans understand.

But truly, with friends of the Alabama basketball program like Nick Taylor, who needs enemies.

(and we wonder why bloggers have such a bad reputation)

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