Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pot, Meet Kettle......

If it weren't so pathetic (and expensive) Groucho Marx would be rolling in his grave. (of laughter)

In a week when our representatives sent a farm bill to the President (for certain veto) that is bloated with millions of taxpayer dollars for pet projects - didn't the Democrats who successfully unseated the corrupt Republican majority and took control of both houses of Congress promise to stop this type thing? - these hypocrites haul oil company executives in to berate and grandstand over oil company profits. Which begs the question.

Who profits the most from the sale of petroleum in the U. S.??

Answer: Government. By the people, for the people. In other words, YOU.

So what is the supreme legislative body, Congress, (who, since the '06 midterms has been in the control of lying Democrats who've never run anything much less a business) doing grilling oil company executives??

It's called cover. The farm bill Democrats overrode the President to pass is loaded with earmarks and pork projects. (anyone remember Nancy Pelosi vowing to clean up - "drain the swamp", her words - if given control of Congress) Over 60% of the taxpayer moneys in the farm bill have nothing to do with farming. Billions of dollars are being paid to farmers not to grow. And in a time when food prices are through the roof. But the taxpayers are disconnected from the machinations of D.C. Such details bore the average American. Not so with petroleum. In our mobile society, as fuel prices rise, this is a problem that's in American's wallets daily. It doesn't matter why, we the people love to see oil bigwigs raked over the coals.

Misery loves company.

So for the few who are paying attention, the subject is changed. Farm bill waste? Boorrring. Old news. We're beating up on Big Oil now. We're looking out for you!

When nothing could be further from the truth.

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